Right of Way Certificate

HAKOM grants the Right of Way Certificate in accordance with the Electronic Communications Act and the Ordinance on the Certificate and Fee for the Right of Way.

The Ordinance on the Certificate and Fee for the Right of Way defines the procedure for granting the right of way certificate, the amount of the fee and the manner of payment in accordance with the type and area of the property.

Table of issued right of way certificates.pdf

Infrastructure Operator:
Cadastre Municipality:

Total length of trace: 2102775,69
Number of cert.: 7236

Certificate No.Infrastructure OperatorNetworkLand plot cadastral numberCadastre MunicipalityLength
3827Hrvatski Telekom d.d.DTK Trnje5502Trnje789,96
3828Hrvatski Telekom d.d.DTK Trnje5545Trnje145,54
3829Hrvatski Telekom d.d.DTK Trnje5546Trnje63,65
3830Hrvatski Telekom d.d.DTK Trnje1587Trnje185,29
3831Hrvatski Telekom d.d.DTK Trnje5672Trnje222,00
3832Hrvatski Telekom d.d.DTK Trnje1567Trnje19,80
3833Hrvatski Telekom d.d.DTK Trnje1614Trnje122,65
3834Hrvatski Telekom d.d.DTK Trnje5547Trnje560,80
3835Hrvatski Telekom d.d.DTK Trnje5605Trnje428,18
3836Hrvatski Telekom d.d.DTK Trnje5604Trnje394,40
3837Hrvatski Telekom d.d.DTK Trnje1719/1Trnje361,13
3838Hrvatski Telekom d.d.DTK Trnje5606Trnje193,13
3839Hrvatski Telekom d.d.DTK Trnje1714Trnje8,89
3840Hrvatski Telekom d.d.DTK Trnje K-65500/1Trnje144,10
3841Hrvatski Telekom d.d.DTK Trnje K-65502Trnje162,76
3842Hrvatski Telekom d.d.DTK Trnje K-65544Trnje40,50
3843Hrvatski Telekom d.d.DTK Trnje K-65543Trnje363,63
3844Hrvatski Telekom d.d.DTK Trnje K-65545Trnje316,90
3845Hrvatski Telekom d.d.DTK Trnje K-65546Trnje327,10
3846Hrvatski Telekom d.d.DTK Trnje K-65549/1Trnje68,74